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Join the revolution of Messengers and Neobanking

Discover a whole new world of communication with the innovative blockchain-based messenger

Discover a new level of your private life
  • Bank card
  • Complete privacy
Not even we will know who you are!

No need to provide your phone number, email, personal info, or any other documents. Not for the messenger, bank card or for anything at all.

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Our Uniqueness

Only here you can find a blockchain-based messenger and neobank rolled into one ecosystem

Seed Phrase Registration

Sign up easily with a unique seed phrase, ensuring your privacy

Private Bank Card

Enjoy privacy with bank cards that don’t require you to submit any personal data

Safe Chatting

One-Time Tokens and limited life-time messages

Built-in Crypto Wallet

Receive, send and store your crypto assets

P2P Coin Swaps

Swap coins securely through the chat using smart contracts on the Fasqon blockchain

Business Infrastructure

Create bots, sell nicknames, place ads, and much more

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  • tokenomics
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Access full functionality

With our FSQN token you get access to payment for services, transparent token supply distribution, various token sale stages, and more

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The Best Featuresin One App

Seed-based authorization offers maximum privacy, eliminating the need for phone numbers and confirmation codes while ensuring full account control.

No need for a phone number or email

Encrypt your messages with blockchain

You chose how long your messages are stored

Bank card without personal data

Fasqon doesn't collect user data

  • No need for any personal information
Our Main Features

Discover the future of privacy and security with Fasqon!

Convenient and Secure Crypto Wallet

The crypto-fiat wallet facilitates secure, privacy transactions and ensures. With it, users can effortlessly transfer tokens and exchange coins directly from their chats

Private Bank Card

Enhanced with cutting-edge encryption, the card is a safeguard against data theft, while facilitates seamless integration with digital wallets and cryptocurrency platforms, offering a versatile payment solution

Blockchain Messenger

The blockchain-based messenger offers a secure and private way to communicate without revealing personal details. It features private chat rooms and uses one-time tokens (OTT) to ensure message confidentiality

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Made in Portugal, Used Around the World

Seed-based authorization offers maximum privacy, eliminating the need for phone numbers and confirmation codes while ensuring full account control.

Legal information

Access registration code (Código de acesso): 2853-2787-4837

fasqon, unipessoal lda (zona franca da madeira)

 NIPC: 517395436 (Portugal)
Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the first private sale!

By becoming part of our community and participating in private sales, you get the opportunity to be the first to get access to our main features: Private Bank Card, Crypto Wallet and Blockchain Messenger


$ 24.0078+2.55%

What is FASQON and how does it ensure user privacy?

FASQON is a revolutionary platform combining blockchain messenger and neobank services in one ecosystem, designed to elevate the level of private life for its users. It ensures user privacy through seed phrase registration for sign-ups, private bank cards, and a crypto wallet that does not require any personal information or documents for messenger or banking services.

How can I register on FASQON and what information is required?

Registration on FASQON requires no personal information or documents. Users can sign up using a unique seed phrase, ensuring complete privacy and security. This seed-based authorization eliminates the need for phone numbers, email, or any personal data, providing full account control with maximum privacy.

What unique features does FASQON offer?

FASQON’s uniqueness lies in its blend of features that cater to privacy and security:

Seed Phrase Registration for private sign-up. Private Bank Card for privacy in financial transactions. Safe Chatting with one-time tokens and limited life-time messages. Built-in Crypto Wallet for private crypto transactions. P2P Coin Swaps via smart contracts on the Fasqon blockchain. A business infrastructure for creating bots, selling nicknames, and more.

How does FASQON’s private bank card work?

The private bank card offered by FASQON ensures financial transactions remain private, without carrying user personal data. It combines the convenience of traditional payment methods with the privacy needs of modern users, protected with advanced encryption to prevent data theft, and is compatible with digital wallets and cryptocurrency platforms.

How does the FASQON blockchain messenger work?

A blockchain messenger works through a series of automated steps to ensure secure, private, and immutable communication.

When a user wants to send a message, smart contract encrypts it using the recipient's public key. This signed and encrypted message is then broadcasted to the blockchain network. After the network nodes validation, the message is bundled into a new block. The new block undergoes a consensus process, such as Proof of Work or Proof of Stake, and upon reaching consensus, the block is added to the blockchain, making the message immutable. The recipient’s software scans the blockchain for messages addressed to their public key. Upon finding a message, it is retrieved and decrypted using the recipient’s private key. Finally, the decrypted message is displayed in the recipient’s messenger interface. This automated process ensures that all communications remain private, secure, and resistant to unauthorized access or tampering.

Can I participate in token sales on FASQON, and what are the stages?

Sure, private sales stage B and IDO are available for public participation. Join our community to stay on touch with all future events!

The most important information about FSQN token is listed here:

Ticker: FSQN

Total emission: 1,000,000,000

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Type: Utility Token

Private Sale (Round A): 30,000,000 tokens – $0.01 price

Private Sale (Round B): 50,000,000 tokens – $0.015 price

IDO: 150,000,000 tokens – $0.03 price

Discover a new level of your private life